Persona 01: Beth


About Beth
Beth is a true academic at heart. Her hard work and passion for teaching was recently rewarded with a promotion to English Department Head for the Royal Vale school district located in Montreal. Beth is known for being bubbly and friendly but she takes her work very seriously. That said, she maintains a pretty good balance between her social life and professional life and is always game to meet friends for dinner after work or for a glass of wine downtown.  

Relationship to Anthropologie
Beth shops Anthropologie on all channels, though she's beginning to favor the app over the web experience. She's noticed its speed and appreciates the little tricks built in to the system that help her to browse quicker. At work, Beth has been known to visit on her PC after seeing a sale email come through. At home, she typically uses her phone or laptop to access the site.

Beth's Shopping Patterns

  • Beth is the only customer that shops all channels (retail, web, app) though she favors the app over mobile browsing.
  • She is tech saavy and likely to have a quick learning curve when it comes to the sites or the app.
  • She browses often and is likely to check back to see "what's new" at least one/day.

Technology Preferences

  • iPhone 5s
  • Macbook: safari as primary browser, PC (with Chrome) at work