Product Management & Design


Nimble Kid


Nimble Kid is a children's boutique brand featuring a small, hand made product line. This was my first foray at branding that included copy (yes, I named this company, too!) as well as visual and digital design which are my traditional areas of expertise. The main challenge for this project was to balance the friendliness/accessibility of a children's line with a level of sophistication. Too friendly and the brand might appear cheap or mass-produced. Too sophisticated and the brand may feel standoffish or sterile. I found my answer to this challenge in a play on the traditional pink and blue! By pushing the colors into slightly off-interpretations of themselves, I was able to achieve a really soft yet eye-catching color palette. 




I was thrilled when I found out I would have the opportunity to design some printed components for this identity system. So often these days my work exists only in the digital form — it was a true delight to design for the tangible world again! The following images showcase a variety of packaging, product, and label designs.